Explosions And Guns

Explosions And Guns was released as a promotional sinlge prior to the release of The Ocean And The Night.

it's not your sure lack of poise i just don't believe in anything anymore not my heart or it's beat or these feet as i run to the coast to help rescue my hope yeah it's drowning there and it's soaking wet, slowly peeling away like a cardboard box in the rain so take aim slightly tilt your head close your left eye and then draw back on your breath, puff your chest and just fire away this is young love yeah this is romance but we can't change anything my love to make a difference and we're fried, we've been out in the sun too long explosions and guns enter the warm winds and the rain oh sunny days you know it hurts like hell when your compass melts and you don't know how to make it back to base so tell the others i'm safe tell them i found myself with a little help from the raft they built on the bottom hill of the lake oh jesus christ tell me where is your light don't leave me kicking in the ocean and the night my heavy bones will tame my fight as the salt water meets the whites of my eyes 25 i'm still scared of what it takes to be alive... but when you're even more afraid of what it takes to die ...this is young love