The Ocean And The Night

The Ocean And The Night is our debut LP, released in 2011 in CD format and digitally through iTunes. The Ocean And The Night was recorded in July 2009 at Big Jesus Burger studios in Sydney and was produced and mixed by Scott Horscroft.

it's so hard making time for something lacking inspiration, we're all here resisting freedom... like eyes that stare we're all too scared to take a look around... so look down all the girls are there, the boys don't care we're just hoping for some uninterrupted air you've got black eyes but you live that life so play me a dance rock hi-hat while i do my best post modern lines because i'm angular, angelic, as skinny as suicide so drink up and look down on the fall of these modern times we're taking heart in the fact that our hearts are young and young legs are good because they can always run

when the birds fly home on the southern current and the wind sweeps low to the sand on the beach there's a girl, freezing cold just like this failing arctic with tight closed eyes and arms stretched out trying to leave she's hoping that this love could carry a heart but it's winter and the wind just takes you apart fallen leaves rest beneath this enormous ocean memories of a beat, a pulse, a life we're getting older all the time but i can't feel the sadness that we're all told or led to believe that it is like we're hoping that oh kid you know that we've got stars in our eyes if we take to the sky in this weather

oh please it's windy today so don't make me fly my body is weak, yeah it's frame is so light and i know falling asleep at the feet of this hungry beast is like taking to a wino with a bottle of red but we've all got to get fed and are just searching things to dine on. why don't we take the car and leave do you think we could make it past all the police because we're in need of something to excite us we're so damn scared that we'll fail, we don't try hard as we float....affluence these modern waters we swim yeah they're deep but we're not getting wet i'll paddle this shipwreck out to sea and let the ocean have it's way with me as it beats me round I hope you’ve been saved my broken youth has an icy face when you paint a mess like you and me washes of colour and passion make it hard to see but when you're staring at a claude monet the more you understand the more you move away

we go one by one as we march along yeah oh we kept falling you know we had you young after we had a dance... you make me feel like little bourke street with all it's colour at the mercy of this cold winters night... but i don't mind bright lights big city throw your pretty face in the scene (I said) you're fast to run from all this again you don't ever want to stay you're like the first running away but you said you’d stay, you'd swear to me let’s stand and fight this love together... you know we could be the one this is our last chance so breathe in the morning air

breathe through your bleeding honey i'm glad you don't lie on your back where you could watch this mess a knife can turn off your light or cut you free.... cliff aided descents i'm looking sharp but i'm a lonely kid i wish i was brave and felt happier than i did oh when i was younger my face is worn because i'm tired honey i'm skin and bones on the floor it's so damn clear from up here this and ever is a long fight so show me your ocean eyes in the morning i'll try to quit this isn't romance but it's much harder than i expected it to be we took a book of matches and set this place alight... we walked to your house to see what we could find climbed up the water tower where our escape and the truth collide we walked through your house and took every thing inside you dropped the match and now we're running from the fire oh the sun went down over this small town tonight even your ocean eyes aren't blue enough to stop this fire

i felt death today i felt death blow through me but it had nothing on a stiff winters breeze i thought it might be colder than this holes in my wrist it was my chance to leave relentless i'm relentless yeah that you've told me so honey hold me but don't hold me away and all the trees are fighting but its not worth fighting for this place it’s almost lost... and i needed a hole in my heart like a hole in the head but you still drew breath and aimed to the left of my chest cold faces get colder... oh for the love of god we're alright everybody's alive baby yeah we're alright sugar we're running with the first line attacking them at first light

it's not your sure lack of poise i just don't believe in anything anymore not my heart or it's beat or these feet as i run to the coast to help rescue my hope yeah it's drowning there and it's soaking wet, slowly peeling away like a cardboard box in the rain so take aim slightly tilt your head close your left eye and then draw back on your breath, puff your chest and just fire away this is young love yeah this is romance but we can't change anything my love to make a difference and we're fried, we've been out in the sun too long explosions and guns enter the warm winds and the rain oh sunny days you know it hurts like hell when your compass melts and you don't know how to make it back to base so tell the others i'm safe tell them i found myself with a little help from the raft they built on the bottom hill of the lake oh jesus christ tell me where is your light don't leave me kicking in the ocean and the night my heavy bones will tame my fight as the salt water meets the whites of my eyes 25 i'm still scared of what it takes to be alive... but when you're even more afraid of what it takes to die ...this is young love

hey there don't look at me so brilliant bright, wipe the hair out from your eyes we're waiting till the black cars all arrive taken at sea the air that's left is burning out we're drowning and the waves are like a fire escape's not easy in a plane filled sky her hazel eyes are glazed with freight his coloured skin turns white run and keep running fast birds inside my head keep flying all around as if to rub it in the freedom they have found i want to start something so we've got something to believe when the black cars take you back from me

cut my hand and rub my face so i look i'm half alive my neck is aching like a vacant life from not looking you straight in the eye oh my i can't paint this high, i can't make this right or ok if i fly away and i... do you think that we are all the same as we all lean off to the right you know the sky well from an aero-plane it looks that great all of the time oh my if the clouds look high then baby what am i today as i fly away (yeah) i'm a fighter but i'm afraid hey you know there's just no need to fight, it's a wasteful use of time like the bird that takes its life on the windscreen as we drive from the east to the south coast where the brave will launch their boats and go hunting for the catch, but they're never coming back

LOVERS (Facing Outer Space)
when the lightning comes i'll be a spire or just an open field yeah i'm sparse, i'm middle of the road you're an avant-garde but i'm the only one out here who's dodging cars do you want to be lovers... i'm tired of touching ice this fight is over... just like we're over designed and our coats say we're freezing... and these hearts will end up the same do you want to be lovers... we're facing outer space all of your pretty shapes slices on open arms make it feel ok to love but even better to suffer

oh bother our boat finds these seas rough and heavy just like the surface of my face don't know what else it would take yeah we've got promises and all of that stuff but when you're falling straight from the sky all the promises of the airport don't mean much and i know you're arms are just like mine... all scrawny and worn but i'm just trying to keep warm and you're just trying to keep warm i know when you're falling fast from this high there's no use pretending to fly with your arms out wide there's no freedom found with your clothes pulled tight or when your skins like ice our goodbyes always said with such heroic lines as we fall to the ground so don't look down but i think we're pretty high