Young Russian

Young Russian is a 2-track EP to be released soon. Recorded at Sing Sing & Abercorn Studios by Matt Voigt & Hugh Counsell in 2013. Produced & Mixed by Hugh Counsell.

white lies turn to colour fist fights take their toll your sad eyes look like lighting… a beacon for a storm and I'm a bad lover and I'm a lost soul and I'm lacking in patience and response but at least my arms are warm you spent your best nights licking glass buckets your red lines reach out to score these lifetimes we so preciously protect get wasted after all the cavalry has been taken, the queen don't know what she's saying "oh princess, I don't know what to do… we could drive the streets of London, take aim at all the young men until one of them bleeds out blue" and you are going to have to set fire to your young if you want to stop us taking you on you and I we don't have a common ground, you're a lap dog and I'm the skinniest fox in town, you're framed by fences, I'm in the woods, it's not a necklace if you're chain ends in hooks

you are the black in between the stars you hold everything that heart is wasted on all of us I'm old, you're everything I'm a waste of reflecting light so burn my papers and cut my line the dams will burst and the lakes will swell do you believe that there's something else yeah blood is thick but it's a dirty drug put water in your arms and mouth it's tough when you don't love what you have become you'll starve in your fathers house I've loved, but it's so hard to make the heart and lungs pump for more than blood and air I'll hunt but I can't even really hold a gun and you are everywhere